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Bloomberg Feature: Where to invest $100,000 right now

Bloomberg LP’s Suzanne Woolley, Personal Finance writer, begins “It’s tough to know what to invest in when your world has been upended.

“All in all, more than a year after the pandemic burst onto the public consciousness, a picture of what a ‘new normal’ could be is slowly emerging. To help investors figure out where opportunities may lie in that new normal, Bloomberg asked five financial advisers for ideas on where to invest $100,000 now.”

StrongBox Wealth’s own Chuck Cooper III, CFP® explains a theme he is watching closely is the convergence of technology into healthcare. His comments are summarized by Suzanne Woolley as, “You have this incredible horsepower of what tech can provide in health-care analysis, in vaccines and other things. It’s an accelerant to medical discovery, with fascinating ramifications in immunotherapies, artificial intelligence, gene technology, robotics and much more.

 “Along the same lines in healthcare, you have this totally separate parallel yet very powerful trend in telemedicine. Virtual care seems to have achieved escape velocity from concept to a bona fide long-term delivery model.

“The medical device space is where I feel the convergence is most promising. As an example, and not necessarily a recommendation, what a firm like Dexcom is doing for diabetes monitoring is just life-changing. It basically designs, develops and commercializes continuous glucose monitoring systems, and it’s all pretty much application-based. Dexcom has a remote monitoring system, though wireless connections, and patients have a receiver. It’s an app on the patient’s iPhone to see where they are at any given moment, but as important is that it’s for the person who’s looking out for someone with diabetes, and you’re talking about millions of people.”

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Chuck Cooper III, CFP®

Wealth Advisor, Managing Partner

StrongBox Wealth